About Us

Micro Finance Zambia Limited is a registered deposit taking Non-Bank Financial Institution regulated and supervised by the Bank of Zambia. The company’s core business is the provision of credit facilities and various financial services to both the formal and informal sectors. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlas Mara Zambia, the company leverages on the strong brand and equity capacity of its parent company to deliver affordable products and services to the mass market and Small and Medium Enterprises.

Microfinance Zambia

Branch Network

The company plans to establish a permanent presence in all districts of the country, an initiative that will create over 10,000 direct and indirect jobs. Micro Finance Zambia utilises the existing infrastructure of its parent company which has presence in over sixty (60) distribution outlets. The company builds on this capacity to venture into new areas and ensure presence in all districts.


Our products include salary backed loans as well as facilities to Small and Medium Enterprises and Gadget Financing. We endeavour to provide products and services that meet the market needs.